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Will an ability to keep a promise be the new source of brand differentiation?

A differentiated experience may be the only way to distinguish the modern brand.

As technology makes it increasingly quicker and easier for competitors to copy products and services, marketers are under pressure to find new ways to differentiate their brand position, value and price from rivals. But as product and service features falter as a source of brand distinction, a new opportunity to distinguish a brand emerges. Savvy CEO’s are differentiating the customers experience of their brands and getting big paybacks from deliberate investments in making experience promises and fulfilling them . But as many are finding out the hard way, making the promise of a differentiated experience and keeping it are entirely different things altogether. Research shows that the secret to achieving an experience advantage is getting, and retaining, the commitment of an entire employee community to deliver on the more


DesignMind is Southern Africa's largest on-line networking service for building design and specification people.
BuildMind is Southern Africa's fastest growing on-line networking service for building contractors and construction solution people
MyGenius gives Southern Africa's entrepreneurs and small business owners a space to connect, collaborate and share information Andreansnet is an on-line networking space for the alumni of St Andrews College Grahamstown an the alumni of the Diocesan School for Girls in Grahamstown

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